Life of Agencies
With Lariat DAM

Saving agencies from daily treasure hunts

If you own an agency, chaos might be a constant companion for you and your team. Handling multiple projects for so many clients is definitely not an easy task.

Things go wrong, assets go missing, and everything that screams chaotic happens at an agency. Although, you love it because the end output is worth it. But dealing with so many clients altogether at once takes a toll. Mistakes are bound to happen. We are not perfectionists.

But technology can be your assistant. Don’t worry; we are not letting technology replace you! Just helping you stay more organized and spread your collateral across in a synchronized manner.

Find the right balance in agency life

Stop digging for the final versions
Are strikingly similar assets making your team scratch their heads? Your campaign can’t rely on your team’s assumptions for the final versions. Keep track of all versions and assign what’s the current one with a single click.
Keep the drapes closed
You can have different teams working on different brands and projects. Not everyone needs to be shown everything. Take power in your hands and distribute access rights of asset groups only to those working for it.
Don't shuffle; just hustle
Lariat’s in-built integrations (Google Drive, DropBox, etc.) and on-demand integration functionalities make it a lot easier to access all your important assets directly from your DAM instead of rummaging through different tabs.
Change is the only constant
Lariat provides you the flexibility to edit your digital assets from your DAM dashboard itself! Resizing, cropping, and even file conversions, you name it, we’ve got it. So, don't worry as big as hills for changes like moles.
Keeping it all together
Want to highlight an important bunch on your DAM portal? Folders are good for keeping your assets grouped, but collections will help you make them stand out. Add eye-catching tiles to your collections and create your own hall of fame!
Don't get busy solving mysteries
Not everyone can be Sherlock. With Lariat’s advanced search filters, you can get your hands on your desired asset without putting too much pressure on your brain; after all, it's already exhausted from coming up with strategies.

Less chaos,
more management with Lariat

Without Lariat DAM:

An agency had to run an end-of-season campaign for all the 15 ecommerce brands they handle. There were 5 account managers handling 3 of them each. The marketing materials were in bulk, and it was harder to detect which was the final output after so many changes. It took time to go through the mail chain too. It was sale season for the brands but an ail one for the managers.

With Lariat DAM:

Now imagine instead of all the treasure-hunting they went through to find the correct assets, they could have taken help from Lariat. Final versions, collections for different brands, and accessibility to the copywriting and designing team could have all been easier with Lariat.

Making agency life easy the Lariat way.