Ace asset management
with Lariat

Organization always makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. A messy table may cause you to lose an important document.

As much as it is important to have your desk organized physically, it’s also helpful to have your company’s digital assets organized as well! Our DAM features help you stay organized and locate assets easily.

Take a look at some of the features that will help you organize your assets with ease.


Alter your assets as you wish

Editing can be a tedious task for you and your team. Edit assets effortlessly with Lariat’s in-built editing features.

With them, you can:

Rotate your assets on the go and flip them vertically or horizontally as needed.

Crop your assets and resize them into different dimensions for sharing across multiple channels.

Convert your assets into the file type of your choice from the range of options available.

Incorporate assets into websites
Incorporate assets into websites

Incorporate assets into your website

Lariat makes it easy to embed your assets onto your website by generating an embedding URL with a single click.

Copyright your assets with a watermark

Add a watermark to your assets with your brand’s name or a text of your choice. You don’t need a third-party editing app for adding a watermark. You can easily redownload the asset to start working on it again.


Control access to your assets

Regulate the accessibility of your assets. Mark your assets as private/public according to the data sensitivity and the requirement. The privacy setting can be shared based on locations, so different groups of users can be assigned access based on their relevancy.

You can always change the setting, or users can ask for access when they wish to open a private file. It lets you track their activity on your DAM.

Have your assets auto-tagged with AI

Lariat’s DAM comes with AI-based auto-tagging. The AI integration will tag the assets you upload with tags based on the elements inside them.


Arrange correlating assets in one place

Create a collection to group specific assets. For example, all of your company’s corporate events’ pictures can be placed in one collection so you and your team can easily locate it for later use while uploading to your website or social media page.

Promptly find
what you're looking for

Going beyond the traditional and time-consuming approach, Lariat has advanced search functionality to help you quickly locate your assets.

In our search bar, you can search your assets with filters like:

In our search bar, you can search your assets with filters like:


Search for results based on similar or exact search keywords and tags associated with your assets.


Filter your asset search based on orientations, i.e., horizontal, vertical, or square.

Permission access

Define your search criteria by filtering your assets through visibility permissions by opting from the drop-down menu.

File types

Choose from highlighted popular file types for your DAM’s assets and tailor your search accordingly.

Upload time

Group and search your assets based on the time they were uploaded by choosing from timelines or entering a custom range.

Making asset management convenient the Lariat way.