Life of Brand Managers
With Lariat

Seamlessly building compelling brands

As a brand manager, it is common to manage several teams simultaneously while overseeing multiple brands. Things are bound to get mixed, misplaced, and even lost sometimes.

Your team can easily get confused among important documents, including contracts, communications, briefs, and sensitive company information. This can be overwhelming and negatively impact the quality of service you provide to the clients.

Lariat assists you in becoming more structured and efficient in your operations. By keeping all of your digital resources in one location, your team will be more productive than ever before.

Streamlined processes. Efficient teams.

Steer away from small-asset-talks
Not getting that peace of mind while enjoying your coffee? Your time (tool) to avoid on-desk convos and irritating calls is here! With advanced search options and filters, your team can easily find where the required assets are without pinging you repeatedly.
Keep a tab on the changes
Asset versioning allows you to stay up-to-date with all the changes made by your team. Additionally, with the aid of version analytics, you can use trial-and-error methods to determine what works best for your audience among all these versions.
Star-casing gives the best view
Collections enable you to showcase all of your assets in a single location for your team, providing them with an opportunity to view your most impressive work and encouraging them to strive for even greater success.
Shh… brand is loading
No one wants people to see everything and anything you work on. With Lariat’s custom access features, share your assets only with the relevant teams. Let your end product be the hero, and the process be silent.
Distinguish your brand
When you’re efficiently building your clients’ brands, why leave out your own branding? Add your company’s logo and primary and secondary colors to your portal with Lariat’s DAM branding functionality.
Many tasks. Single platform
As a brand manager, managing multiple brands is acceptable, but having multiple tools for simple tasks would be a big no. With Lariat, you can easily integrate important tools such as Google Drive, and Dropbox and even get external integrations.

Fewer mishaps, better

Without Lariat DAM:

A brand manager working at an agency was given the brief for topical day posts from all the brands they handled. After working for almost two weeks, finally, the communication routes and themes were determined, and everything was ready to be posted the next day. However, during the asset cross-verification process, the manager discovered a miscommunication between teams, resulting in a mix-up of briefs for two different brands. As a result, the manager had to work overnight to create new creatives for the affected brands.

With Lariat DAM:

With Lariat, all of this extra load could have been easily avoided. Lariat leaves no space for such miscommunication due to several of its features to make sure all the teams are working on the right track.

Get organized, stay productive, and build better brands with Lariat.