Life of Chain Stores
With Lariat DAM

Chain your operations ‘round the globe

Chain store operations are sometimes complicated. Your store owners have to make sure that the chain stores’ marketing aligns with the company values and brand. You need to ensure that the chain is meeting its goals and staying competitive in the market.

Managing your stores across different countries calls for various marketing tactics popular amongst their target audiences. This includes understanding consumer behavior, competition, and any regulations or laws that may impact the business.

You also have to handle multiple dealers and supply chains to handle a global network of stores. To keep everything aligned and make everyone accessible to their needed assets anytime they want, they need a system that makes it all possible.

your global asset footprint

Location-specific activities for team synergy
Say goodbye to disjointed teamwork and hello to seamless coordination with Lariat. With location-based activities, Lariat can help you break out of silos and stay coordinated with your team globally.
Take data-driven decisions
Unlock your team's full potential with analytics on all your assets. Easily see which assets are performing best and check out their view and download history to make smart, data-driven decisions.
Watermarking for your intellectual property
Sharing your assets with store owners or dealers across different countries? Don't let the authenticity of your valuable assets get lost in the process! Simply add your company's name or relevant text to your important original assets to ensure their integrity.
Grant permissions on a need-to-know basis
Don't let just anyone have access to all of your valuable assets! With asset permission, you have the control to keep your collateral hidden from unwanted eyes. Keep your assets private and secure, all at your convenience.
Exhibit thoughtfully curated collections
Create custom collections by getting your seasonal or on-sale items together into groups for easy browsing. Highlight the collections on your portal to draw attention and increase sales.
Stay true to your brand
Tailor-build your portal to align with your company by customizing it with your brand logo and primary and secondary colors. This small touch will help keep your brand consistent worldwide for all your teams.
Chain Stores

Minimum chaos, maximum impact

Without Lariat DAM:

A famous burger joint wants to roll out a Christmas campaign. Their chain stores are located in almost every country, and each country has its own social media page. Different ideas were presented, some disapproved, some shortlisted. The campaign received a lot of attention on social media as offers were only available on these pages. The process of finalizing the campaign was a lengthy one, with many documents and assets involved. In handling such a global-scale operation, mistakes are bound to happen. Let's just say there were a few hiccups along the way. Files misplaced, details mixed up. The campaign did cause some tough times and heavy headaches for the team.

With Lariat DAM:

But hey, they could’ve made it less complex and more organized with Lariat. With its location-specific insights, version monitoring, customized sharing, and access permissions, things could have been a lot easier.

Unify your chain’s marketing efforts the Lariat way.