Life of Construction
Industry With Lariat DAM

Engineered for your asset architecture

As a construction company, you know you are rolling out projects one after the other, sometimes simultaneously. In today’s digital age, it would be neither wise nor feasible to keep track of all of your purchases, plans, etc., in physical documentation.

Assets like raw material purchase details, blueprints, project plans, site designs, workers’ information, etc., need to be organized in a manner that the teams working on the project can get access easily without ever losing any documents.

Lariat can help save all of your important documents in the form of digital assets and make them available and accessible to your team exactly how you want them. Let this DAM be your new site to manage all your worksites.

Strengthening your base process

Robust management
Your assets are your prized possessions, so why not manage them with efficiency? Lariat offers several features, like asset versioning, asset insights, advanced search, etc., to help you stay organized.
Cemented brand
Maintain brand consistency in your DAM portal by integrating your primary and secondary colors as well as your logos, and let your team members be aligned with your brand image.
Accounting for all the raw materials
You might have to assign someone to account for all your raw materials and their use, but when it comes to digital assets, Lariat’s got your back (and previous versions of your assets too!)
Your smart hardhat
Leave the hat and the hard work to our AI when it comes to categorizing your digital assets. With AI auto-tagging, your assets can be tagged as per their elements, making them easier to group, find and share with your teams!
The digital blueprint
With our advanced search functionality, finding your digital assets, especially when they’re buried deep, can become a piece of cake. Go beyond the traditional and time-consuming approach with Lariat!
A verandah for your star work
Curate your stellar assets into a stunning ensemble and proudly showcase them at the forefront of your DAM portal. Let Lariat's collections help you seize the spotlight and captivate your team with your impressive achievements.

Build it without losing it

Without Lariat DAM:

A renowned construction company was rolling out multiple projects, a commercial building, a residential complex, and a hybrid structure designed to serve both purposes. They had set a common launch date for all. Diverse teams were working on different aspects and locations for each of the three properties. Furthermore, the demanding task of preparing print ads and collateral for each project proved to be a daunting one. Their team had a tough time keeping things organized throughout the process.

With Lariat DAM:

In contrast, utilizing Lariat would have allowed for a more streamlined and efficient workflow, enabling easier collaboration between teams and making collaterals easily accessible.

Construct with ease the Lariat way.