Life of Consumer Goods
Industry With Lariat DAM

Consume assets in an organized manner

Consumer brands are often widespread across the whole country, if not globally. For such a large-scale business, it’s implied that one has to manage a huge inventory which can get difficult.

Every product has its own bunch of digital assets, and new product launches just keep piling on top of them. Research documents, consumer behavior analysis, goods documents, quality check guidelines, and whatnot!

All of these assets have to go through different teams and channels, from R&D and Manufacturing to Testing and Market Distribution. Enter Lariat. Lariat works like a labeled and organized (digital) warehouse for your stored goods (digital assets).

From warehouse to stores with ease

Category analysis for your assets
Say goodbye to messy, confusing asset scenarios. With innovative features like asset versioning, embedding, and editing, you'll have the power to effortlessly manage and organize your assets like never before.
Insights for insides
With complete visibility into who's accessing what and when you'll be in complete control of your online storage space. From who entered to who left, every activity is at your fingertips, ensuring you never miss a beat.
Securing every single unit
Forget the frustration of sifting through countless versions of the same asset! With Lariat's asset versioning, you'll always be in the loop about the latest and greatest version of your goods.
A warehouse of convenience
Lariat offers seamless integrations that make managing your portal a breeze. With its intuitive editing features, you can effortlessly crop, edit and duplicate content in multiple formats.
Banners for the stars
Let Lariat's collection feature help you shine the spotlight on your star products! Keep your team informed and ahead of the game by effortlessly showcasing the assets that are killing it in performance.
Looping in the consumer chain
By catering to the diverse needs of your company and dividing tasks among specialized teams, you can create distinct user groups to ensure seamless organization and prevent any overlap in asset management.
Consumer Goods

Merchandising done right

Without Lariat DAM:

The winter collection of a renowned clothing line was about to go live. There were men, women, and kids' collections, each with a bunch of articles to be sold. With so many documents, from R&D to consumer analysis to specifications, it all started to seem daunting for the team. Some of the documents were misplaced, and the launch was quickly turning into a disaster. The team was left without a direction to go through.

With Lariat DAM:

With Lariat, the social media managers could have approached their work with confidence. Clear instructions could have kept them from feeling overwhelmed by the assets to be managed and helped ensure that schedules and page formats were not messed up.

Stock up your digital asset inventory the Lariat way.