Why Creative Teams Need
Lariat Marketing Hub

Paving the Way for Creatives Teams

People with a creative flair have always worked in a bit of a mess. Sometimes it’s preferred. But when you’re working with a team, having a central hub can be a helpful tool to organize the workspace. With Lariat, you can provide your creative teams with a tidy workspace, giving them all the assets they need in one place.

When you are in the creative field, such as designing, architecture, copywriting, fashion, etc., you have a lot of assets to manage (some generated for daily tasks, some saved for inspiration), so it’s important to have them all organized in to be able to reference or share in just a few clicks.

With Lariat, handling your creatives becomes easy in the most efficient way. A feature-rich asset management system makes it easy for you to sift through assets seamlessly without getting overwhelmed.

Get more time to be creative

Keep your vision alive
Your brand is your creative vision coming to life. Stay true to your brand and keep it alive by integrating your logo and brand colors into Lariat. Let your DAM Portal speak for your brand.
Preserving creative sparks
Your first draft usually showcases all of your inspiration and thought processes. Losing this crucial foundation can make it difficult to make necessary changes. Fortunately, with Lariat's asset versioning, it's easier to access and revert back to previous versions.
Mending on the go
Minor changes can come up at any time in the lifecycle of creatives. You don't need deal with the hassle of switching between tools to make minor tweaks to your assets and then re-uploading them to your DAM. Lariat comes with many built-in editing features that are designed to make your life easier.
No mess here
Creative folks are often deemed "messy" when they're in the zone. However, there's no need to clutter your system with unnecessary tabs. Lariat offers seamless internal and external platform integrations, allowing you to work efficiently and effectively.
Build your mood board with your star assets
Highlight your showstoppers. Allow some of your most remarkable work to be showcased for everyone to see in your DAM portal by classifying them into collections and inspiring your team.
No more hunting in the dark
Quickly locate what you’re looking for. Lariat’s advanced search functionality allows you to comprehensively define your search criteria. With a variety of filters to choose from, you can easily find that needle in the haystack.

Don't have messy outbursts,
just creative ones

Without Lariat:

A prominent fashion designer had a new launch of luxury wedding couture coming up. The fashion show boasted a dazzling array of top-notch designs and promised to attract high-profile clients. The team had painstakingly prepared all the concepts for the event. However, a major setback occurred when the team lost the initial designs, leaving the designer in a quandary. Despite having put a lot of effort and thought into the launch, the team was unable to fully comprehend the underlying concept and vision. This resulted in the designer having to start from scratch, doubling the work required to meet the deadline.

With Lariat:

It's worth noting that with Lariat's asset versioning feature, the designer could have easily retrieved the lost first drafts and saved a considerable amount of time and effort. The designer could have seamlessly (pun intended) resumed work on their previous designs and implemented their plans without any unnecessary obstacles.

Stay organized, stay creative the Lariat way.