Personalization gets
better with Lariat

A software that seems like it was made for your brand! Lariat allows you to personalize your DAM’s branding, helping you maintain a consistent brand identity throughout all communication channels.

Check out the ways you can customize your brand’s DAM system with Lariat

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An easy-to-customize dealer portal

We understand the importance of having a consistent brand identity. We allow brands to add a custom look and feel to their dealer portal to build a visually true brand experience for their team.


Resonate your portal to your brand's colors

Choose your brand’s primary and secondary colors using our predefined color palette, or enter your brand’s custom HEX color codes.

Showcase your star products and live offers

Demonstrate your hero products and ongoing sales by putting up timely banners on your Dealer Portal.
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Highlight important files and folders via thumbnails

Use eye-catching tiles to build a hall of fame of your company’s important documents and nested folders that you wish to highlight.

documents folder
folders folder
audios folder
videos folder
images folder
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Add brand logo and favicon for a finishing touch

Upload your company logo and Favicon as a final cherry on top in personalizing your Dealer Portal.

Receive tailor-made email notifications

Emails are an essential means of centralized communication when delivering a message to your team. Lariat makes sure that neither you nor your team stays out of the loop when an important action is performed.

Our DAM sends system-generated emails to highlight the actions carried out by your team. To make sure that your DAM’s emails align with your company’s branding, Lariat allows you to custom brand your emails too!

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Url-your-way in the DAM

A company’s Digital Asset Management System is one of the most important locations for its team. It only makes sense for this location to have its (web) address within your locality. We let you manage your DAM using your very own URL, and we provide two ways to make that happen:
Lariat generates your URL for you

Enter your brand's name, and voila, you get your personal DAM-generated URL to host your dealer portal.

Lariat lets you use your own URL

Lariat allows you to host your DAM dealer portal on a domain of your choice by allowing you to connect your domains.

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Keep your company's assets organized and sorted the Lariat way.