Making access easy
with Lariat

Don’t you hate hopping through thousands of tabs to find what you are looking for? How convenient would it be to access all your tools from a single platform? That’s exactly what Lariat does for your team.

Lariat integrates different tools and platforms to help teams manage their digital assets with ease and efficiency.

See how many tabs Lariat helps you close. Check out our industry-recognized tool integrations today.

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The integrations we thought would be handy

Google Drive

Simplify asset management with built-in access to your Google Drive. Connect your Drive with your DAM system to avoid going back and forth between the two platforms.


No URLs. No reuploads. Avoid getting dropped and hauled in between two screens. Get all your Dropbox files organized into your DAM.


Transferring files within platforms can become hassle-free. Access and edit all your Box assets from within your DAM.

Need more?
We’ve got you covered

We understand that every company can need different integrations to keep track of its digital assets. So, we provide on-demand integrations to our clients. Hit us up with your requirements, and we’ll set up a custom integration for your DAM.

We aim towards making sure that our Digital Asset Management system gives users a seamless experience and a feel of a software that is tailored to their company.

Making accessibility
easy with integrations the Lariat way.