Life of Healthcare Industry
With Lariat DAM

Rehabilitate your asset organization

There are thousands of digital assets created at a healthcare facility on a daily basis. Patient reports, diagnoses, lab reports, entries, operations, bills, the list is endless.

It often becomes challenging to dive into these assets and search through them. It becomes a Bermuda Triangle sometimes where once the information goes in, you won’t be able to find it anymore.

But we have a solution for this problem or avatar of the Bermuda Triangle, at least. Lariat is a digital asset management system that helps the healthcare industry save its data or digital assets in the most organized way possible.

How to administer asset care?

Due compliance for sensitive information
The Healthcare industry has a lot of sensitive information that should be accessible only to professionals and the teams responsible for handling the assets. Give access only to required teams or executives with Lariat.
Maintain brand consistency
DAM allows you to maintain brand consistency with options to personalize your portal with your brand’s logo and primary and secondary colors. You can maintain brand consistency for your internal stakeholders.
Stay on top of the game
With Lariat insights, you get all the information on the assets and what works well with the internal team for future brand strategy and development. You can always plan ahead with Lariat's insights and constantly improve your brand strategy.
Location-based activities
If your healthcare facility is spread across different locations, you can narrow down communications and activities based on their locations. You also get location-centric insights with Lariat so you can determine what works better for which location.
Organized marketing materials
You can organize your marketing materials across all your teams, so they never lose their way when searching for assets. Don’t let there be delays in any asset distribution with Lariat’s seamless organization and other integrations.
Bringing people together
Divide your teams into different user groups to avoid confusion and facilitate the accurate distribution of your digital assets. With user groups, you can manage permissions, and analytics and streamline the process for all team members with a single click.

Saving campaign with Lariat

Without Lariat DAM:

A globally recognized healthcare facility was to set up a health camp in Africa. Their first task was to get all their affiliates and centers aware of this camp to gain traction and help for the cause. All the marketing assets that were supposed to go live were sent over WhatsApp to different people. It was tiring and daunting, and many of the assets were missed. The marketing head was tired and felt unorganized by the end of the event.

With Lariat DAM:

Imagine getting all the assets sorted location-wise and sent to the account managers only. That's where Lariaises comes to your rescue. It is the perfect organization tool, making it easier to find assets, and it comes with convenient features for all your marketing needs.

Streamline your healthcare marketing process the Lariat way.