Lead Management

Sales & Marketing Automation Solution

Intensify your sales pipeline management

Manage Leads, Accounts and Opportunities with real-time reports and dashboards. Streamline your entire sales process with Lariat Lead Management.

Lead Capture

Capture leads from different acquisition channels and aggregate them for hassle-free lead management and automation triggers.

Rule-Based Automated
Lead Assignment

Capture, prioritize, nurture, and qualify leads, then automatically distribute them to one or more of the nearest dealers.

Track Every Lead Activity, Past and Present

Awareness, consideration, and decision. With solutions for every step, we understand the modernized customer journey in its entirety. Engage with your audience at every step of their journey, right from the first touchpoint, and create individual paths based on your audiences’ interests.

Smart Email Templates
& Email Automation.

Unleash the power of email automation. send personalized emails that connect with your leads and get better responses.

Lead Ramifications

Enrich data and go after the best leads. Leverage lead scoring to pursue leads with the highest chances of conversion.

Lead Concierge

Our fully trained, US-based staff supports you AND your customer by picking up the phone and reaching out to every new lead. We deliver high quality “VIP” leads to your sales channels.

First the lead is called and sent an email follow up to determine if the lead is qualified or unqualified. 

If the lead is qualified, then our staff routes the lead to your sales channel to ensure the lead is in the right hands. 

Finally, our lead concierge follows up with the lead to verify their experience and check if all their needs were met.