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Dealing with dealers made easy

If you are a manufacturer, you know how hard it is to be in touch with all your dealers and distributors for marketing purposes, product launches, price updates, and more. There are multiple channels you need to look into to follow up.

It becomes difficult at some point as your business grows. Imagine sending 10 separate products to 10 dealers and explaining how they can market them. Of course, changes in image dimensions and brochures are to follow. It has begun to sound a bit exhausting already, hasn’t it?

What if we tell you we have a magic wand to make it all easy? We are joking, we don’t have a magic wand, but we have a tool that will make your life easier and your dealings with your dealers and distributors much more convenient. See how Lariat DAM can help in organizing data for an organization like yours.

Make campaign manufacturing easy

Globally accessible branded material
Your dealers could be scattered across the world. It would be inconvenient to provide individual updates to everyone. With Lariat's accessibility feature, you can easily give access to every dealer at once.
Conveniently customize your assets
The teams can customize the materials according to their target audience to gain satisfactory results. The edit features of Lariat allow your team to make changes instantly.
Keeping your brand consistent
Add your custom look and feel to your dealer portal to build a visually true brand experience for your team. Integrate your logo and your brand’s primary-secondary colors so your DAM portal can resonate with your brand.
Find fast. Produce faster.
Searching for your brand’s digital assets has never been easier. Lariat DAM comes with advanced targeting filters so you can narrow down your search to its very core and get things done quickly.
Deal with the world at once
Use Lariat to be organized across all the locations of your distributors. With Lariat’s location-based insights, you can have data bifurcated for all the locations where your dealers operate.
Intelligent tagging with AI
Have got important product mockups stored in your DAM? Our AI-based Asset Auto Tagging will assign the relevant tags to your assets so they can be easily grouped and searched when needed.

Managing dealers efficiently

Without Lariat DAM:

A car manufacturer wanted to launch a new car during the festive season to boost the opening sales. The car had three different models - petrol, diesel, and EV - and each model came in 5 different colors. There were also different variants like manual, hybrid, and automatic. It was really stressful trying to get everything organized and sent out to the dealers. Sometimes the dealers would even request changes based on their location, which took up even more time.

With Lariat DAM:

It would have been so much easier if all of the assets were organized and distributed according to specific sets of people. That way, your dealers could get just what they needed without any extra hassle. Your team would have really appreciated giving them Lariat!

Maintain your dealer Network with ease the Lariat way.