Release notes – v3.8.0

Release notes - v3.8.0

Release Date: 11-27-2021

Drag & Drop feature in Comment attachment

Users will have a large area to drag and drop assets that will have better accessibility.

Help/Support Feature

Lariat is introducing a Help & Support feature for every user that will provide users a means to ask for support from our highly talented Customer Success Team whenever they need it.

  • Start by going to your “User Profile” page.
  • Find the ‘Help & Support” section.
  • Copy the PIN and provide it to our specialists to grant access to your account.
  • The Customer Support specialist initiates a support session on the user’s account. (The User will have full access to the support history log in the “Help & Support” section to verify who has an open support session on their account. The User can terminate a support session at their discretion.)


Project Lock/Private 🔒

Only Super-Admin or Admin users have access to this feature. If they want to make a project private, the Super-admin or Admin user can click on the project options button “…” and select “Mark Project As Private”. The project will be locked until this setting is changed. 

Unique Client Enhancements

We have simplified the process for adding clients and for managing work coming from your clients. We have created the ability to assign account managers to specific clients and given your clients the ability to add their own team as followers of the project to greater increase the workflow and the visibility between you and your client. 

SuperAdmin/Admin users will assign specific account managers to each client to handle their client’s projects and information.

We have also simplified the project creation screen for your clients so that they only see what they need to see. 

Account Manager Notification

When a client creates a Project, their account manager will receive a notification within the Lariat platform as well via email. An Admin can also filter out new incoming client projects by applying the filter ‘New Projects’.

Comment type convert

Client ↔ Internal

A Super-Admin/Admin user convert comment type from Client to Internal or vice versa. If any user accidentally comments directly to the client instead of the internal team,  the admin can change it to match the appropriate audience. 

User Creation – Design Enhancements

We are constantly working to enhance our user experience. The User Creation process recently was updated to make it a simplified 3 step/screen process. 

  1. User Details – Capturing the basic user info (Name, Title, Email, and Phone Number)

  2. Organization Access – Within this section, you can define what modules and at what permission level for the new user.

  3. User Settings – Set the capacity hours** for a given work week and salary** if applicable.
    • **This allows for greater use of the reporting on time tracking and profitability within the platform. 

XLS, PPT, DOC file preview in Asset library

We have integrated a Microsoft office file preview into the Lariat Platform so any user can preview their XLS, PPT, and/or DOC file directly in the platform.


With this release, we have fixed and changed some of the features mentioned below

  • Adding new client company, Email, and Phone number are removed from the required field list.
  • Typo error has been resolved from the Notification bar.
  • Changed funding source value PA → Fixed Cost.
  • Parent & Sub-task show as active when they are opened in the right panel.


We have did some design and API performance improvements based on user experience.

  • The comment area is more simplified now. Users can see the latest 3 comments and the other will be hidden.
  • Client comment design is improved.
  • Notification count is removed instead show 0.
  • Notification settings > Notification terminologies are now shorter to understand and explanations are included in tooltip formation.
  • My Task page > added filter option into the Status column and improved Due date filter with specific date selection.
  • Project and Task listing: Provide on-hover functionality display for Flag and action items.
  • Updating Project number on Project brief screen – Added ‘X’ button to cancel update number.
  • Provided ‘Copy Asset Link’ action button to every asset so that user can copy asset link and share it to project relative persons.
  • Client account: Project listing page > show ‘Account manager’ info.
  • Project detail: Client tab > added Edit button to redirect on Client edit screen directly.
  • Security enhancement for Assets where only Authorized users of Lariat can access shared asset URLs.
  • Workspace selection on the Project creation screen is set to default workspace value