Release notes – v3.9.0 – Lariat DAM

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Edit & Export Assets within the DAM Platform

Admin can edit images within the DAM platform and export as needed.
Edit functions available are Crop, Resize, Rotate and Flip that will help you customize any image asset.


Advance Sharing Features

Admin: Admin can now share assets to any internal/external users with advanced sharing features.

Advance share features included:

  1. Share Label: Admin can add a title to the share page and it will be the title on the shared URL page.
  2. Note to Recipient: Admin can add a short note for the users who are accessing shared URL. It displays below the title.
  3. Password Protected: This feature allows the admin to set a password for access to the specific shared assets page.
  4. Set Expiry Date: Admin can set an expiration date on specific shared assets page so that after a specific time, the shared URL will not be accessible to any of the users.
  5. Hide Download: Users can view the assets on the specific shared assets page but they will not  be able to download any assets.


User: If the specific shared assets is password protected, then all users are prompted to enter the password before gaining access to the shared assets. 


Banner Crop Functionally

An admin can upload banner images of any size and they will have the ability to crop them to the required size.


Bulk Edit Actions with Multiple Asset Selection

Easy bulk editing functionality allows admin to manage the assets efficiently with the following bulk edit options: Delete, Move, Copy, Archive, Set Permission, Assign Tags, Share and Download.

We have also simplified the project creation screen for your clients so that they only see what they need to see.


Storage Analysis

Quick reference your storage used and the storage available. It is also calculates which category has large data consumption in your DAM.

Simply, click on the ‘Storage Analysis’ button to view the detailed graph and information.

Storage Notification

Admins are notified once they are approaching the limit of the planned storage. This provides you with information on how to clean up unused or bloated assets usage. The platform will send you an email notification at 50%, 75%, 95%, and 100% use of allocated storage. Also, it will show you the information/warning baneer on the top of the system to remind your storage limits. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your storage allocation.


Email Notification:


Custom Branding

Admins can customize their instance of the DAM platform to reflect their brand.

Customizations now extend to the login page. The customer will now see your logo and additional branding elements.

Admin can manage these features from their ‘Organization Profile > DAM > General Settings’



User Login Screen


User Login Screen



With this release, we have fixed and changed some of the features mentioned below


We have completed some design and API performance improvements based on user experience(as summarized below):

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