Release notes – v4.0.1 – Lariat DAM

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Asset Conversion

We have been excited to finally release this functionality. You now can modify your image and video assets into different formats through the Convert function.

Once your asset is converted to the requested format, it will be delivered to your email with a downloadable URL. We store the converted file for 3 days from the request. So please download it once it is delivered to ensure you don’t forget about it. We also deliver a system notification to you with a downloadable link for direct download.





Email & System Notification

Now providing custom notifications settings within your organizational settings to allow you to enable/disable notifications.

Our notification options keep you and your audience up-to-date with the latest updates on your assets. Whether it is updating a new asset or collection OR seeing which assets are being shared and downloaded.

Also as an Admin, you have a customization option to send emails with your own branding. This customization is found within the organizational profile –> general settings.

Global Notification Setting


System Notification

The bell icon in the upper right of the platform notifies you of specific activity on your platform.

n-Column view Architecture

Up until now, you have been able to review the folder hierarchy in two separate view types, Grid & List. Now, we have introduced a third option called n-column view. This allows you to continue to expand folders while a scroll bar appears at the bottom to allow you to quickly return to any of the previous folders.


User Groups

Admin can create a user group from organizational profile –> DAM > DAM User Group. Groups can be defined by adding different people of different areas of interest and skillsets and the admin can utilize those groups for assigning permissions. Common use cases for user groups: Dealer Network Group A, Sales Team, Marketing Team, etc.

Folder Permissions

As an Admin, you can restrict folders to only allow specific users or user groups that you designate to access the assets within the folder. Additionally, you can restrict the folders in a total of 3 ways.
  • Restrict from Public
  • Restrict from Frontend
  • Restrict for Specific user or a Dealer group (as mentioned above)

Collection Permissions

Similar to folder permissions, you can now restrict any collection from a specific user(s) or user group. The restricted collection won’t be accessible by those you have specified.


Want to know how your Digital Asset Manager is being used? Introducing our new analytical dashboard feature where you can track each and every asset of the platform and the related activity. Admins can access this Insights feature by clicking the ‘DAM Insights‘ menu option from the left sidebar navigation menu.

Admins can analyze all activities that occurred over the selected time period. 

Within the Insights section, there are multiple ways in which you can view the data and activity.
  1. View Asset Analytics
    • Asset viewed by Size
    • Assets Viewed by User
    • Assets Viewed by Device
    • Most Viewed Assets
  2. Downloaded Asset Analytics
    • Assets Downloaded by Size
    • Assets Downloaded by User
    • Assets Downloaded by Device
    • Assets Downloaded by Shared URL
    • Most Downloaded Assets
  3. Shared Asset Analytics
    • Collection Shared URLs
    • Non-Collection Shared URLs
    • Top Shared URLs based on Activities
  4. Asset Analytics (Trending Insights)
    • Most Viewed Assets
    • Most Downloaded Assets
    • Most Shared Assets
    • Top Users Based on Assets Downloaded
    • Top Users Based on Assets Viewed
    • Assets Activity Based on Location
  5. Search Keyword Analytics
    • Top 20 Keywords
    • Search Keyword by Location
    • Search Keyword by Device
    • Search Keyword Insights
  6. Untagged Asset Analytics
    • Untagged Assets by Asset Type
  7. Collection Analytics
    • Top 5 Collection
    • Collection Activity
    • Collection by Assets Type
    • Collection activities based on Location
    • Top Assets Downloaded From ‘Collection’
    • Top Assets Shared From ‘Collection’

We have also added analytics to each specific asset detail page for more in-depth analysis.



With this release, we have fixed and changed some of the features mentioned below:


We have did some design and API performance improvements based on user experience.

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