Release notes – v3.7.0
Release Notes - v3.7.0
Release Date: 10-02-2021

System Notification

  • Every user will get incoming notifications through 🔔 icon which is placed over the Header bar.
  • By default, the user has all activities notification enabled which the user can change/modify from ‘Notification Settings‘. ‘Notification Settings‘ option is added under 🔔 overlay and also user can navigate to User Profile > Notification Settings > System Notification
  • Users can also modify triggering email activities by User Profile > Notification Settings > System Notification
    • NOTE: Users will only see the last 30 days’ notifications.

Custom Email Notification

  • Starting in this release, every individual has the facility to modify their incoming email notifications from the Lariat platform.
  • For modifying email notifications, go to, User Profile > Notification Settings > Email Notification

Time Log History

  • Users can view their logged time history per task by clicking on 👁️ icon.
  • In the pop-up, There are two types of time entry. 1) System and 2) Manual
    1. System Log – When any user logs time by running timer that time history will log as a System Log Time.
    2. Manual Log – When any user inserting manual time in any task that time history will log as a Manual Log Time.
  • Users can also check on what time they have started the timer and when they have stopped.

User Groups


  • Admin can create a team/group by redirecting to, Organization Profile > Global Settings > User Groups
  • Groups can be defined by adding different people of different areas of interest and skillsets and the admin can utilize those groups by adding into Project/task level.


  • Any groups the admin has created, users can use them to add into specific tasks or project briefs which helps them to do not add the same areas of people multiple time.
  • Example: You have an HTML team of 5 members and the admin has created that group with the same people. Then any user can add “HTML” group directly into any project/task. This will automatically add those 5 members to the project/task. 

Copy/Duplicate Project

(Admin Access)

  • Super-Admin or Admin will have the facility to Copy/Duplicate the whole project.
  • Clicking on the copy icon beside the project name will open a pop-up that asks to fill in basic details to copy the project and submitting it will create a whole new duplicate project.



  • Super-admin or Admin can now make announcements which is anything you want to broadcast across your instance or to a specific group. Create a new announcement in Organization Profile > Global Settings > Announcements

  • Admin can publish the announcement at the same time or schedule it for later or save as a draft.
  • You can specify to whom shall receive the announcement based on the following audiences: All users/Internal users only/Clients only/Choose specific person(s).


  • Users will receive announcements as soon as any admin sends an announcement and view it into Notification overlay > Announcements.
  • Users can also see at which date the announcement is sent and by whom it has been triggered.
  • Clicking on the announcement will open a pop-up with announcement details.


With this release, we have fixed and changed some of the features mentioned below

  • While creating a new client in the organization, a Phone number is no longer required to fill.
  • Admin can revoke client contact person invitation manually or invitation email link will be expired in 30 days automatically.
  • My tasks page > Added client column to view from which client that task belongs to.
  • PDF file preview issue on the project detail screen is fixed.
  • Leave – Fixed From and To, multi-date validation issue.


We have did some design and API performance improvements based on user experience.

  • Notifications automatically refresh when you get to them
  • Project and task loading API improvements.
  • Design improvements on the time log screen.