Why Sales & Marketing Teams
Need Lariat Marketing Hub

A B2B Promise of Alignment

Sales and marketing professionals interact with internal teams and clients on a regular basis. They have tons of digital and physical assets for the clients they currently support, as well as assets for potential clients.

Being in charge of marketing and managing various teams and documents can be a challenging task. It’s crucial to have a centralized platform to store and access all of your important assets, including brand guidelines, images, and critical documents.

Lariat helps you arrange all your assets in one place in an easily manageable format. By having a user-friendly and organized platform, you can streamline your workflow, making it easier to achieve your business objectives.

Empowering teams to work

Know where the market is
Stop worrying about finding the perfect market (correct folder) for your digital assets! Lariat's advanced search options make it simple to quickly and efficiently locate your assets using tons of helpful filters.
Don’t lose out on anything
Access all updated assets and also their previous versions! Have the freedom to experiment with different modified versions of your digital assets and know which works best for your team without worrying about losing anything.
Keeping teams in sync
Effortlessly keep your teams on track and avoid overlap with user groups! Organize teams based on specific projects, tasks, or geographic regions to streamline workflows and optimize productivity. Save time for your teams and say hello to seamless collaboration.
Breaking free from tool overload
You have the power to multitask, but even you would appreciate a little help from time to time. Say goodbye to constant tool shifts. With powerful integrations at your fingertips, you can boost your productivity like never before.
Stay on brand
Create a truly immersive brand experience for your team! With the ability to customize everything from your brand logo to your primary and secondary colors, you can create a portal that's as visually stunning as it is functional.
Market without interruption
Regulate the accessibility of your assets. Assign appropriate privacy levels based on data sensitivity and location to ensure only relevant users have access. Safeguard sensitive data to build customer trust and enhance your team's reputation in the market.
Sales Marketing

Collaborate More Efficiently

Without Lariat:

An agency handling an ed-tech company recently hosted a tech fest that comprised a competition and an informational session. The marketing team was responsible for distributing all necessary information, such as the details of guest speakers, their stories, contest particulars, participant forms, etc. However, with writers, designers, and marketers all working on the same project, the collaboration turned into a bit of a jumbled mess. Due to a lack of transparency, copywriters frequently had to approach the marketing head for additional information, while the designers were continually seeking approvals after making adjustments. This led to a campaign that was excessively time-consuming and overwhelming.

With Lariat:

Lariat could have been an invaluable asset to the team for handling such a project. By having a clear version control system in place, everyone could have worked together seamlessly without any confusion or unnecessary requests for assistance.

Keeping your sales funnel shiny the Lariat way.