What is DAM?

Have You Heard of The Digital Bermuda Triangle?

Yes, it exists. It’s the exact place in your system where all the data gets stored & when you need it, it’s impossible to get.

Suppose you’re a digital marketer using multiple channels to reach your audience. In that case, you must be aware of how mysteriously some files, creatives, or, to sum it up, any kind of “data” gets lost precisely when you need it. Or how many times you have to keep resending creatives to the execution teams no matter what. These are regular “damn” moments in any marketer’s life. But not anymore; why? Because of “DAM”

What is DAM?

DAM, short for Digital Asset Management, is a process through which businesses store, organize, retrieve, remove & share their digital assets within & outside of the organization. In simpler terms, it’s a centralized space for any business to organize its digital data.

There were times when this process was handled manually by respective teams. But, in today’s era, where digital is everything, we have some software available to take care of our data management.

These software, or as they are generally called, DAM Solutions, take care of all stages of digital assets, such as creation, usage, management, archive, and reuse/recycling.

What Does A DAM Solution Do?

DAM solution manages workflow requests by & between teams to enable them to create & share data when they need and as they require. They utilize metadata to organize data by its keywords & unique identifiers such as names, technologies used to create them, etc.

Following are some basic tasks performed by a simple DAM solution

Benefits of DAM Solution

Having a Digital Asset Management system not only makes your data management hassle-free and easier but also provides significant benefits to your marketing efforts. Let’s see what these benefits are:


Centralization of Digital Assets

A DAM solution centralizes all of your digital assets in one place. This eases collaboration between internal teams and external teams. Centralization of the data will also reduce the time required for asset sharing between teams as well as the dependency between various teams.


Ease of Accessibility

When all the digital assets are centralized & organized, they become more accessible to the teams that will use them for various activities. Any employee with authority will be able to access these assets without waiting for anyone. This results in faster & effective operations.

Prevention of loss

Many times, creatives/assets get lost in the channel flow between the teams even before they are utilized. With the help of a DAM Solution, these channels are minimalized, and data once stored, stays forever in the metadata. This helps in diminishing efforts made by creative teams in recreating the lost assets.


Enhanced Security

Companies invest a lot of time in creating digital assets for their marketing & sales operations. If not kept safely, there are chances of the duplicity of these assets and intellectual properties such as logos & brand identity, etc. DAM solutions come with robust security features which keep your digital assets safer from the external environment.

Smooth Distribution

Many times, data is shared between companies for operational usage. For example, brands share logos, photographs, videos, guidelines, etc., with their marketing agencies through various channels. With the help of a DAM solution, all a brand needs to do is send a link to the agency to share such assets without investing extra time.


Efficient Use of Content

Digital content lying in the digital purgatory or cloud is highly vulnerable to getting lost or going deeper into the metadata. Using DAM Solutions, companies can ensure that all the created assets are being utilized to their full potential & are not getting wasted.

Brand Communication

Maintaining integrated communication on all channels is very important for any brand. It often happens that the same brand is sending different communication in terms of content, colors, or designs on different channels as the different creative teams are not in synchronization with each other. With the centralized data space, maintaining the same communication for different asset types is easier.


Lariat DAM

How about having a software that manages not only your digitally created assets but also the physical assets which are in digital form? Well, we’ve got you covered! Lariat DAM is a one-stop destination for all your asset management requirements. Need to publish a brochure on an immediate basis? No worries, pull your files from the storage & share them right away with the printers. That’s how easy Lariat can make your life.

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