What is DAM?

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Have You Heard of the Digital Bermuda Triangle?

Yes, it exists. It’s the place in your system where all of your data gets stored and when you need it, it’s impossible to find.

Suppose you’re a digital marketer using multiple channels to reach your audience. If that’s the case, you’re probably familiar with some files, creatives, or really any kind of “data” mysteriously getting lost right when you need them. And how many times have you resent creatives to your sales teams? These are common occurrences in any marketer’s life, but they don’t have to be. Why? Because of “DAM”.

What is DAM?

DAM, short for Digital Asset Management, is a process through which businesses store, organize, retrieve, remove, and share their digital assets both within and outside of the organization. In simpler terms, it’s a centralized space for any business to organize its digital data.

There were times when this process was handled manually by respective teams. But today, where digital access is everything, we have software available to take care of our data management.

These software, or DAM solutions, take care of all stages of digital assets, from creation and usage to management, archiving, and reuse/recycling.

What Does a DAM Solution Do?

DAM solutions manage workflow requests between teams to enable them to create and share data whenever it’s needed. They break down the data organization even further by using keywords and unique identifiers to make all of your assets that much easier to find.

Here are some basic tasks that can be performed by simple DAM solutions:

Benefits of DAM Solution

Having a Digital Asset Management system not only makes your data management hassle-free, but also provides significant benefits to your marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at these benefits:


Centralization of Digital Assets

A DAM solution centralizes all of your digital assets in one place. This eases collaboration between internal teams and external teams. Centralization of data reduces the time required for asset sharing between teams.


Ease of Accessibility

When all of your digital assets are centralized & organized, they become more accessible to the teams that will use them for a variety of uses. Any employee with access to your DAM will be able to access these assets without waiting for anyone, resulting in faster and more effective operations.

Prevention of Loss

Many times, creatives/assets get lost in the channel flow between the teams even before they are utilized, often resulting in recreation of assets. With the help of a DAM solution, these channels are minimized, and data once stored, stays forever in the metadata. This diminishes additional efforts made by creative teams in recreating lost assets.


Enhanced Security

Companies invest a lot of time in creating digital assets for their marketing & sales operations. If not kept safely, there are chances of the duplicity of these assets and intellectual properties such as logos & brand identity by outside sources. DAM solutions come with robust security features, which keep your digital assets safer from anyone outside of your organization trying to duplicate your resources.

Smooth Distribution

Many times, data is shared between companies for operational use. For example, companies share logos, photos, videos, guidelines, etc., with their marketing agencies through various channels. With the help of a DAM solution, all a company would need to do is send a link to the agency to share their assets without investing any unnecessary time.


Efficient Use of Content

Digital content lying in digital purgatory or the cloud is highly vulnerable to getting lost or going deeper into the metadata. By using a DAM solution, companies can ensure that all of their created assets are being utilized to their full potential & are not getting wasted.

Brand Communication

Maintaining integrated communication on all channels is important for any company. Often, the same company is sending different communication in terms of content, colors, or designs on different channels because the various creative teams aren't in sync with each other. With centralized data, you can maintain consistent communication for different asset types across all of your teams.


Lariat DAM

How about having a software that not only manages your digitally created assets, but also the physically created assets that you've made digital? Well, we have you covered! Lariat's DAM is a one-stop destination for all of your asset management requirements. Need to publish a brochure immediately? No worries, pull your files from the storage & share them right away with the printers. That’s how easy Lariat can make your life.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and simplify your life with a DAM!

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