Life of Education
Industry With Lariat DAM

Management is never out of curriculum

The education industry has a lot of assets that they need to save on a daily basis, ranging from admission materials, forms, and handbooks, to event brochures. 

Mess is bound to happen when you have so much collateral. Things can become chaotic, and marketing efforts can become a headache. The teachers also are lost in the hoard of assets they have to dig through on a daily basis.

To ease up this process, Lariat helps. This innovative solution helps to keep everything in order, making it easy for you to find the assets you need, when you need them, allowing you to focus on what matters most – delivering a first-class education to your students.

A pedagogy of asset arrangement

Stop memorizing your asset location
Whether it’s the syllabus or a digital asset’s location, no one needs to mug up to remember. Lariat’s advanced search features, make it easier for your team to find what they’re looking for with the help of refined filters.
Self-learning the asset-whereabouts
Leave the poor marketing guy alone! Get Lariat for your team. Let your teams access all the digital assets 24/7. The access feature provides teams with the flexibility to pick up assets without being dependent on anyone.
Sensitive now in safe hands
Your institution’s digital assets are private and confidential. Not to be left lying around. Lariat's privacy features and user permissions allow you to manage access rights and visibility for dedicated teams.
One school, one uniform
A uniform is your unique impression. From your students to your staff to even your DAM portal, everything needs to reflect you. Lariat's personalized branding allows you to manage the logo and colors of your portal to maintain consistency.
Spare the printer
10 print attempts to get a single asset? Don’t be that institution. Save on papers as well as your budget. Get the right version into printing every time without the chance of any human error with Lariat’s Asset Versioning.
The wall of fame
Group up your star assets into a perfect bunch and flaunt them right at the front of your DAM portal. Show off your accomplishments and garner your team's attention with Lariat’s collections.

Impart your
intellectual property correctly

Without Lariat DAM:

A new school year was about to begin. The excitement of welcoming new students to the community was palpable. The school’s administrative team had been working diligently to roll out the admission forms, and they were thrilled to receive an overwhelming number of inquiries. Unfortunately, due to a small oversight, the initial batch of forms that were sent for print was not the final version and missed some important details. They had to then send another batch which doubled up their print costs.

With Lariat DAM:

What if the school had Lariat’s Digital Asset Management System? Things would have been much different. For instance, they could have avoided this costly mistake and seamlessly sent the final, error-free forms to print. And that’s just from Lariat’s single feature of Asset Versioning!

Monitoring your asset classroom the Lariat way.