Life of Food & Beverages
Industry With Lariat DAM

Eating up the cluttered items

Being in the food and beverage industry has its perks. Don’t perk up your eyebrows. You guys work with delicious food and have unlimited access to it; how do you even work? But let’s talk real now. It’s not all fun and games. With so many new food and beverage launches, it isn’t an easy task to stay organized.

Having so many assets at the same time can overwhelm you. It’s not just about the food. There are also product mockups, packaging, and marketing to worry about. And don’t forget about dealing with teams, distributors, and restaurants. The marketing for your product can be a tedious task, and the product launch month can be a nightmare.

Well, we are here to turn your product launch nightmares into dreamy success stories. Our Lariat DAM can help you manage all your marketing assets with ease and maintain your brand consistency no matter where your products are being shown. The features will give you food for thought of why you need a DAM for your business.

Taste the sweetness of organizing

Your portal will be accessed by not just your teams but also your distributors, and restaurants. Our custom branding makes it easy to maintain a consistent look and feel for your brand.
Expert at smelling food
Looking for an easy way to keep track of all your food and beverage images? Lariat has got you covered with our handy auto-tag feature! So, no more sifting through endless files and folders.
We come with a package
Internal integrations like Google Drive and the flexibility of getting integration as you demand to help you get all you need in one place. Lariat comes with a package that is tailor-made for your business.
First impressions aren't the last
There is always a possibility that you might change your mind about an asset. Now, no more worrying about losing old versions or having to recreate assets from scratch. Lariat helps you save all the versions of your assets.
Adding more taste
With Lariat, you'll have access to a range of easy-to-use editing features like cropping, rotating, and flipping. And the best part? You can make as many changes as you like without ever losing the previous versions.
Ready for the reviews?
Easily see which of your assets are performing the best with Lariat's insights feature. Make smarter decisions and plan for the future with confidence, rather than relying on guesswork.
Food Beverages

Mouthwatering results
through an organized kitchen

Without Lariat DAM:

A well-known beverage brand was launching a limited edition for festivals and needed to create unique packaging for the occasion. The graphic designers came up with a design, but the sales team decided to release it in different colors for different locations. With all the marketing campaigns ready to go, the package design needed to be sent to the printers. But with so many colors and location wise-launch, the graphic designers and the distributors had heavy difficulty in coordinating.

With Lariat DAM:

Lariat could have made coordinating between different teams a breeze for this limited edition release. With features like on-the-go edits, team-specific access, and collections, the process could have been streamlined in a much smoother way. Say goodbye to coordination headaches with Lariat!

Be chilled like your beverages the Lariat way.