DAM for Manufacturers: Simplifying Dealer Management with Lariat Marketing Hub

DAM for Manufacturers: Simplifying Dealer Management with Lariat Marketing Hub

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For manufacturers in today’s fast-paced market, managing sales channels – from marketing campaigns and product launches to price updates – is no walk in the park. The complexities increase as your business expands. For instance, take the daunting task of dispatching 10 separate products to 10 different dealers or distributors. Then, guiding them on marketing nuances and subsequently making inevitable changes to image dimensions or brochures. The to-do list can feel never-ending.

Enter Lariat Marketing Hub’s Digital Asset Manager (DAM)—a tool designed to be the silver bullet to these challenges. Lariat’s DAM is a centralized platform where all digital assets – be they photos, videos, logos, brochures, ect. – are stored and effortlessly accessible. It acts as the bridge that connects you to all your dealers and distributors, facilitating streamlined communication. Imagine the ease of handling everything from a single platform!

A Deeper Dive into Lariat's DAM Capabilities:

Universal Accessibility

One of the significant advantages of Lariat's DAM is its global reach. Imagine being in Indiana and needing to update a sales team in Europe. With our system, geographical distance isn't a barrier anymore. Instead of sending individual updates, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors, Lariat's DAM allows you to instantly provide updates or access to all channels, or pick and choose to whom you share access.

Tailored Messaging

Lariat recognizes that not every market is the same. Different audiences have different preferences, and what works for one might not resonate with another. Our DAM doesn't just provide a fixed, rigid format. Instead, it offers built-in editing tools, allowing you to tweak and tailor marketing materials per the target group's needs. With this flexibility, you can ensure your message hits home every single time.

Brand Consistency

Your brand is your identity, and it's crucial to maintain its consistency. With Lariat, you get more than just a storage system. Our DAM allows you to add your custom look and feel to your dealer/distributor portal to build a consistent brand experience for your users. Integrate your logo and your brand's primary and secondary colors so your DAM portal reflects your brand throughout. No more off-brand presentations or mismatched logos. With Lariat, your brand's identity remains intact and consistent.

Quick Asset Retrieval

We've all been there – endlessly scrolling and searching for that one file. It's not just frustrating, it's a massive time drain. Lariat's DAM puts an end to this hassle. It comes with advanced filters so you can narrow down your search to a granular level to get the right files quickly. It's like having a digital librarian, always ready to fetch what you need.

Geographical Organization

Lariat's DAM isn't just about storing and retrieving; it's also about understanding and analyzing. If you have sales channels spread out globally, it's essential to track their performance individually. Our platform provides location-based insights, giving you a clear picture of how each channel is interacting with assets. This data-driven approach ensures you make informed decisions, tailored for each location.

Smart AI-Tagging

Manually sorting and tagging can be a tedious task. With Lariat, that’s a thing of the past. Our DAM is powered by cutting-edge AI that auto-tags your assets. This not only makes categorization more efficient, but ensures that your files are always easily locatable. It's like having a digital assistant, always at the ready, ensuring your assets are organized and accessible.

In short, Lariat's DAM is a comprehensive tool, built for modern businesses, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and ease of access. Dive into the world of organized digital content and let Lariat pave the way for smoother operations.

Real-World Example

Without Lariat

A boat manufacturer wanted to launch a new design just before the prime selling season to boost opening sales. The boat had three different models. Each model came with a variety of options, like five different color choices, different engine sizes, trailer options, etc. It was a huge pain getting all of the marketing materials and information organized and sent out to their dealers. Each dealer also received region-specific materials, which added to the complication of sending out the right information to the right groups. The distribution team had to collect all of the data, check the list twice, manually add all of the emails for the sales reps at a specific dealership, and add a link or attach each file to an email, then repeat that same thing for each dealer across the country.

With Lariat

If the distribution team was using Lariat's DAM, they could easily tag the files that needed to be sent as they were uploaded to the DAM. Then, those could be added to collections for each dealer and shared with a pre-determined group. No manual uploads. No questions of whether or not the dealer got the right materials. No complicated, repetitive email management.

Wrap Up

Navigating today’s manufacturing challenges requires more than just tools; it demands smart solutions. Lariat Marketing Hub’s DAM provides manufacturers with a streamlined approach to manage assets, strengthen brand identity, and simplify dealer interactions. Embrace Lariat’s DAM and elevate your operational efficiency to new heights.

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