5 Reasons You Need A Digital Asset Manager

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Don’t let your beautiful assets get lost in the clutter! Get a Digital Asset Manager!

With the current marketing environment, every brand is littered with vast quantities of digital assets & content and is left with the overwhelming task of keeping it all organized. So here is a trick question for you: “Do you need a DAM?” … The answer is “YES! You do!”

So let’s see why!

1. Accessibility of the asset

How much time do you spend every time the sales team or a dealer or a customer asks for a specific asset? Does it take you a while to find it?

You have so many resources and tools at your disposal BUT it can get overwhelming when you are buried in the menial tasks of tracking down an asset. A Digital Asset Management solution can keep your assets at your AND your team’s fingertips without all that “searching”. You can manage sharing permissions to maintain the appropriate visibility on all the assets you have in your system.

2. You already invested into creating the asset; Make sure it is used

You and/or your team have worked really hard on creating all the amazing assets you have for your brand, whether it is creative work, photography, videography, or anything else. If you can’t find it, then it goes unused.

3. WFH/Remote Workplace

No longer can we rely on the share drives, VPNs into the office network, or intranets for shared accessibility to all of your assets and files. The distributed workforce and office environment needs a system that is secure and also easy to access. A DAM is a cloud based solution for all your assets and files.

4. Interactive and Visual Storage Solution is more engaging

A typical storage solution like DropBox or a local share drive is a decent solution but with our digital assets being more and more engaging and complex it is better to have a solution that matches the asset type. A DAM can display our assets in a more enhanced (and beautiful) way. You can watch the videos or preview the photos fully in the platform. Don’t send your team or customers to a boring folder hierarchy but rather send them to an engaging platform that represents and reinforces your brand image!

5. Smart organization that matches how you use it in the “real” world.

Campaigns are always being created and executed against but you don’t want to duplicate files and assets (or move them) just for the purpose of a short-term campaign. Rather, you need a Digital Asset Management platform that can help you work smarter and not harder. Tag assets or organize them into collections for the purposes of your campaign and still maintain your file & folder structure. The collections can be “deactivated” when the campaign is complete and you don’t have to work about moving assets or accidentally archive an asset used in another campaign.

While the answer is specific to each organization, we think that every brand should have a form of a Digital Asset Management solution that fits their needs.
Want to see if the Lariat Marketing Hub Digital Asset Management solution is right for you? Contact us now for a personalized demo!
Contact us now for a personalized demo!
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