Release notes – v4.0.8 – Lariat DAM

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Asset Watermarking

Now, watermarking will auto-apply to all the assets which the Admin has made private and marked “for internal use only”. After the admin makes an asset private, it will assign their custom watermark to the asset.

To configure watermarking settings, Go to Organization Settings > Digital Asset Management > Watermark Configuration.

Watermark configuration

The users of your platform are then able to see all private assets with your custom watermark label overlayed as seen below in our example.

Custom Watermark


Need to notify all your dealers or other frontend users of an important announcement, or sale, or promotion? We created the functionality to do just that within the Admin functionality on the backend under your Organizational Settings.

To create an Announcement, Go to: Organization Profile –> DAM –> Announcements

You can save as a draft and return later to finish, or schedule it to be published at a later date, or publish it immediately.


With this release, we have fixed and changed some of the features mentioned below:


With this release, we have also completed a few minor improvements to the design, UX, and overall functionality (as summarized below):
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